Testimonials from our communities

  •  Eric

    My name is Eric I am so happy to work and everything went well when I was in Cameroon and I will be so happy to be back again and walk with them and get some more experience thanks to Divine love Association
    2 December 2018 01:1

  •   Jessica

    I was so happy to be in Cameroon and work in hand-to-hand with Divine love Association and I was so proud because everything went well and we were all happy my name is Jessica from UK and we which to walk again in hand-to-hand with Divine love Association on our next coming to Cameroon thanks and much love
    2 December 2018 12:1

  •  Amanda

    Hello I am Amanda from Austria I want to say I'm so proud for the good work that you are doing Divine love Association we're so glad to join with you to change most of the communities he will keep in touch bye
    30 November 2018 03:

  •  Linda

    hi my name is Linda from the United State I am so happy for your walk and all that you are doing for the less privileged we are all so happy for all the good work that you have been doing more grace to Divine love Association thanks Linda
    30 November 2018 03:

  •  Nde Linda

    I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for your very generous donation and interest in building our resident. I find it very refreshing to see the compassion and humanitarianism you have. I hope your work promotes more to take interest in the needs of our communities. The generous donation of coats was greatly appreciated! We cannot thank you enough for helping our families get a new start!
    28 November 2018 09:

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