Divine Love Association

We fight for the right causes!

Divine Love Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organization involved in numerous socio-humanitarian projects aimed at making a positive contribution to the growth of our nation Cameroon.

We have as our objectives to;

  1. Initiate, develop and improve working relationships with other organizations towards community development.
  2. Reduce by 80% the rate of street children, idleness and crime amongst children, through seminars on how to fight against illnesses and drugs.
  3. Support projects that have a positive impact on orphans, women, girls and venerable children in Cameroon.

Who We Are

Fighting for the needy

Considering the rapidly evolving social and economic landscape of Cameroon, CEMAC as a whole, together with the gulf of Guinea area and those under the government’s policies of self-reliant development, Cameroonians are called upon to develop their nation and CEMAC to foster the culture inherited from their ancestors by relying upon their own resources;
Meanwhile Cameroonians being faced with the challenge of supporting government’s effort in finding solutions to the ever increasing problems of unemployment and Poverty, we believe strongly that the destiny of Cameroon lies squarely in the hands of its inhabitants. As such, we seek to revive and eventually preserve the dignity, pride and identity of the one-time Cameroon.

Divine Love Association

Fighting porverty

We believe no adult should be forced to a life of crime due to lack of employment, food and basic healthcare.

Divine Love Association fundamentally believes that all members of all societies have the right to good health.

Saving Wing’s Mission is focused on bringing underserved and stigmatized health burdens ‘out of the shadows’, through high quality research (often into the unexplored areas of prevalence and impact), catalytic partnerships and advocating for change which builds a real and long lasting impact at the community level.

We believe no child should go to bed hungry because food is a basic necessity of life.