We believe that our Country’s growth and sustainability depends on it’s inhabitants’ involvement to make it a great nation. As such, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal 8; Decent Work and Economic Growth, we empower the youths, less privileged, widows & widowers, those with disabilities, internally displaced persons and the community with income-generating skills. This helps in attaining the Sustainable Development Goal 1; No Poverty.


We promote the Sustainable Development Goal 3; Good Health and Well-being by improving the health of street-connected children and families living in the arid slums areas. We bring health services and practical health advice to those in need, as well as providing emergency care and surgical funding for the poor families of our communities. We also care for the health of our environment by contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 13; Climate Change, 14; Life Below Water and 15; Life on Land.


We are advocates for children education, especially for those that are often neglected, marginalized and deprived of their fundamental right to education due to poverty or crisis. In line with the Sustainable Development Goal 4; Quality Education, we provide safe learning spaces and learning supplies which ensures the children’s development at all levels. By promoting children education, we are fighting against child exploitation, child soldiers, early marriages and teen pregnancy. 


By providing relief kits and goods as well as financial support to the needy individuals of our nation, we aim at improving their life conditions and reducing inequality as stated by the Sustainable Development Goal 10; Reduced Inequalities. We also promote agricultural innovations and techniques that help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 2; Zero Hunger. Our support to the community also includes waste management and water supplies which help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6; Clean Water and Sanitation.