Divine Love Association

Our Projects

Make a change, support children education, help widows, protect the girl child, fight drug abuse


Divine Love Association believes education is an undeniable right for children. In times of instability and crisis, we ensure learning opportunities for every child; creating safe learning spaces for disadvantaged children in our community and soon around the world. This prone us to launch a campaign for children affected by the ongoing civil war in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

The initiative themed Child Dignity aims to mobilize funds to assist more than a thousand internally displaced (IDPs) children across the national territory, that are at the risk of dropping out of school for the next school year of 2021-2022. These children will be supported to complete their primary school education.

We believe that education is a privilege that shouldn’t be reserved solely for children and teenagers. Divine Love Association believes that it is a lifelong journey, which should continue into adulthood and beyond.  We aim at empowering them even more with basic writing and reading skills that will enhance their lives and also enhance local community development.

Youth Empowerment

Together with partners, we address youth unemployment in Cameroon  by promoting entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to private sector jobs.

Through Young Entrepreneurs Start-Up, we are empowering young people in Cameroon  to create their own opportunities and succeed in self-employment. We connect these young men and women with the skills training, support and resources they need to launch and grow a business capable attaining economic independence and also employing other youth.

Basic Provisions

Providing basic commodities for the needy such as food, clothes, foot wears, farm tools, household items, assistive items for physically challenged people, school fees and many other items has been a core factor for Divine Love Association.

Over the years, we visit remote communities and assist them with provisions to help better their lives. Thanks to the support we get from our partners and donors, not forgetting the help of volunteers, we have been able to do this for 6 years running now.
We look forward to more partners, volunteers and people of good will to continue this task.