Divine Love Association

Become a Volunteer

Make a change, support children education, help widows, protect the girl child, fight drug abuse

How to become a volunteer

Divine Love Association volunteer program is out to give a unique learning opportunity for students in any part of the world in diverse academic backgrounds. We encourage qualified women and men with diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds to apply. We are open and ready to receive national and international applicants. Our program is designed for talented and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to environmental sustainability, humanity, healthcare, education, human right and many other disciplines. The program allows selected candidates to gain insight on how our program and activities are operational and provides assistance and training in various professional fields in a multicultural environment.

To work as a volunteer with us, you need to submit a one page proposal letter explaining to us your area of interest and background information about yourself to this email support@divineloveassociation.org.