Divine Love Association

Schools & Orphans Program

Make a change, support children education, help widows, protect the girl child, fight drug abuse


Education stands out as one of the fundamental rights of every child. It shapes and acts as a major determinant for child development. We at Divine Love Association strongly believe that every child in the world has the right to education, as it is the only secret to unlocking their potentials. It is the most powerful tool one can use to transform the lives of children. It is rather unfortunate that some children are often neglected, marginalized and deprived of their fundamental right to education which, later on turns children’s lives upside down and leaves them stranded without an education. This has exposed many children to diverse forms of abuse and exploitation.

Divine Love Association and its team create an awareness of such group of children, mobilize resources to reach out to every child in the world, provide safe learning spaces and education relief materials which ensures their development at all levels. Education remains the fundamental right for every child and no child should be left behind. We thrive hard together with relevant stakeholders to address and accelerate the UN convention of the child’s rights to education at the grassroots. Given vulnerability and disadvantages, we protect children’s sustainable future without compromising their races, gender or nationality. Being aware that education remains an instrumental tool for change and development, we fight against societal ailments like child exploitation, child soldiers, early marriages and teen pregnancy etc.

Improving the life conditions of orphan children is our top priority.

Putting smiles on the faces of orphans and street children is our greatest pride. Orphans and vulnerable children who have either lost one or both parents live in extreme poverty with their guardians, with little access to basic needs. We all know how precious and important our children are and we all know how vital it is that our children get the appropriate love, care and support they need while growing.

Now let’s stop for a while and imagine a child, who has lost his parents, family members and has had to enter into the care of an orphanage. It is heart breaking but unfortunately it is reality. Sponsoring an orphanage and children that are in great need, creates real change and more importantly you gain a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Sponsoring enables an orphaned child to have a better life. This can be achieved by providing essentials such as food, education, medical care, clothes and shelter. Your donations not only helps the most vulnerable, but they bring out a heart-warming and wonderful relationship.