Divine Love Association

Empowerment Program

Make a change, support children education, help widows, protect the girl child, fight drug abuse


Divine Love Association believes that sustainability and change rest on the destiny and future of our youths. If they are unemployed and out of schools, they will be unable to contribute to decision-making processes that will sustain their generation when it comes to national developmental agenda. We therefore advocate for the global consensus to advance Goal 4 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development {SDGs}, particularly “ensure inclusive, equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Embracing and fostering the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 which thrives to develop Africa’s human and social capital, through education and skills revolution, reinforced by science, technology and innovation that will solve the immediate challenges of the youth.

In the republic of Cameroon, youth development is far fetching at the grassroots, since the government has failed to accelerate its developmental plans globally. Majority of the marginalized youths thus, do not believe in the existence of the national youth empowerment scheme, as a huge number of these youths are abandoned for themselves. Divine Love Association gets involved in creating and harnessing opportunities for the youths to strive and realize their dreams.


Divine Love Association promote Households recycling waste in rural and urban communities enhancing community and household suitability for all. We are stepping effort to improve use of waste as a recycling technique to tailor sustainable food practices for farmers. Organic waste recycling is of great importance to the society at local and global level. Divine Love Association believes the management of organic waste at community level contributes greatly to our food system and the sustainability of our environment improving our health condition from the consumption of bio-chemical produced food items has been proven harmful and poisonous to the human health today recorded as the major cause of soil infertility with an increasing number hunger and food shortage at the community level. Making life difficult for the common man. Divine Love Association long term objective aims at empowering 40 communities village smallholders farmers across the national territory ,introducing the use of organic manure in the cultivation of food crops in their communities. This will enhance the economic activities and health toward the conservation of healthy environment for healthy food and healthy living. Research have proven it is of no harm with the use of organic manure to the body, its composition only leads to increase nutrients in the soil in the long and short run and causes no harm to the environment. Conditions unlike the bio-chemical cultivation ,which in turn leave harmful poisonous substances in the soil, leads to the cultivation of poor quality food and eroded water to the main streams causing harm to aquatic life. Divine Love Association believes proper management of our organic waste will enhance the sustainability of our communities to support the food system and the sustainability of our environment.