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Cameroon has been struggling against plastic pollution in the past years. It is for this reason that, in 2014, Cameroon imposed a banned on the importation of these product. These plastic problems have been observed both at the level of production as well as the level of illegal importation (smuggling). Cameroon also has been producing an estimated 600,000 tons of plastics which represents about 10% of the 6 million tons of garbage produced (Fair Planet, How Cameroonian Youths tackle plastic pollutions, 31st January 2023).
Divine Love Association is preparing to carry out a cleanup campaign on the World Environment Day, on June 5, 2023 based on a principal objective: mitigate pollution and diseases associated to it. Activities to be carried out throughout this day are;
-Educate the population on the importance of waste disposal
-Inform the community on the adverse or negative effects of plastic pollution to the health.
-Thorough cleaning of major and minor streets, gutters and roundabouts
-Gathering of dirt at precise points
-Evacuation of garbage.
The success of this cleanup campaign depends on your support. We therefore, seek for your freewill donation in cash or kind to beat plastic pollution in the littoral region and its environs.

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